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Seminar on Prospect of Higher Education and Research at KAIST, Korea:

A delegation of three professors from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea will visit CSE department, BUET on December 27, 2010. A seminar on ‘Prospect of Higher Education and Research at KAIST, Korea’ will take place on the same day. The professors will discuss about various aspects of higher education and research opportunities at KAIST. The schedule and venue are as follows:

Date: December 27, 2010 (Monday)
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Seminar Room, IAC, CSE Department, BUET
All interested teachers, graduates and students are cordially invited to present at the seminar.

About KAIST:
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) was established in 1971 as the nation’s first graduate school specializing in science and engineering education and research. The school’s founding was a catalyst for Korea’s rapid rise from a producer of light industry goods to a world leader in high-technology industries. Over the past 38 years, KAIST has produced 8,998 bachelors, 8,636 masters, 7,067 doctorate holders (doctors under 30 years of age numbered 3,046; approximately 43%), bringing its total alumni to 34,701. Theses published in science citation index (SCI) journals, and the commissioned research grant amounted to approximately 362 million won per facility, which is at a world-class level. Business start-ups by KAIST alumni numbered 368 companies in high-tech fields (as of March 2003). The Times Higher Education report placed KAIST at the 37th in the world in technology field and 82nd in the science field. Furthermore, KAIST was nominated as the world’s top system engineering institution by the Systems and Software Engineering journal in February 2008.
KAIST is located in the Daedeok Research Complex in the city of Daejeon, 150 kilometers south of the capital city, Seoul. Daedeok complex is the nation’s R&D capital and home to some 50 public and private research institutes, universities and high-tech and venture capital companies. KAIST’s Daedeok and Seoul campuses house six colleges (Natural Science, Life Science & Bioengineering, Engineering, Information Science & Engineering, Business, and Cultural Science with 20 departments), eight research institutes and five affiliate schools. For the 2009 academic year, over 8,000 students are enrolled; 3,452 in the bachelor’s, 2,197 in the master’s, and 2,357 in the doctorate programs. International students number 389 and account for approximately 5 percent of all students, with 124 in the bachelor’s, 134 in the master’s, 22 in the joint M.S.-Ph.D., and 109 in the doctoral programs. KAIST has 842 professors and 334 staff members as of January 2009.

Posted on: [2010-12-16]