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Lists of Finally Selected PhD and Masters Candidates for April 2012 Have Been Published:

2nd list of finally selected candidates for Masters admission has been published.

#Tasks Dates
1 Publishing the list of applicants selected for admission test and for direct admission
List of Eligible PhD Applicants for Interview for April 2012
List of Eligible Applicants for Masters Admission Test for April 2012
Applicants for Direct Masters Admission for April 2012 (CORRECTED on 22/05/2012)
14/05/12 at 5:00 pm
2Admission Test for Masters candidates
Seat Plan (ECE Building)
19/05/12 at 3:00 pm
3 Verifying the original documents
Original document verification notice
Notice: Document Verification Status Report
4Publishing the list of provisionally selected applicants for the admission22/05/12 at 5:00 pm
5 Masters Admission Test for a Non-CSE Applicant Mistakenly Selected for Direct Admission
26/05/12 at 10:00 am
6PhD Interview
Notice for PhD Interview
26/05/12 at 3:30 pm
7Publishing the list of finally selected applicants for the admission
Finally Selected PhD Candidates for Admission
Finally Selected Masters Candidates for Admission

2nd List of Finally Selected Masters Candidates for Admission

PG Class Routine

27/05/12 at 5:00 pm

All further information will be available only through the website of the Department.

Posted on: [2012-05-09]