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Introducing Best Undergraduate Thesis Award:

The Department of CSE is announcing "Best Undergraduate Thesis Award" for two deserving theses for the current semester ending this February 2013. The award is arranged from a friendly donation from CSEBUET Alumni Association ( Interested students are requested to contact their thesis supervisors.

Submission guidelines:

1. Students will be required to submit a short description of their thesis in a short form (10-12 pages) to their respective supervisors containing the following:

i) Introduction and motivation
ii) Goal and objectives
iii) Key techniques used to achieve the goal
iv) Main results

2. Thesis supervisor will forward the thesis article to the head of the department by Sunday February 10, 2013.

3. Each supervisor will be able to nominate at most 2 theses.

4. Each submission will be evaluated by a Award Committee (formed by HoD) based on novelty, depth of the work, writing and results (in a scale of 5: Average 1---Excellent 5).

5. A short listed candidates (up to five) may be called upon, if necessary (particularly when multiple theses are tied in scores), to present their work in front of the award committee. Each presentation will be at most 20 minutes including Q/A. Successful candidates should demonstrate good presentation as well as good scores in the writeup. If required, whole thesis will be checked for deserving but tied candidates.

6. Two theses will be awarded. The prize money is as follows: Best Thesis: Tk.15,000/ and Second Best Thesis: Tk. 10,000/-

Posted on: [2013-01-31]