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Workshop on Advances in Data Management: Applications and Algorithms:

The Workshop on Advances in Data Management: Applications and Algorithms 2013 (WADM 2013) is the first event in Bangladesh focusing on emerging topics on data management and related technologies. The primary focus of WADM is to provide a forum of database researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to exchange new ideas and results related to data management across academia, industry and government in Bangladesh. The WADM 2013 will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 28-29, 2013. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, a beautiful South-Asian country. The workshop will be held at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. WADM 2013 is organized under the subproject CP#2082: Enhancement of Graduates Studies Facilities for the Department of CSE, BUET of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP). This workshop features keynote speech, seminar talks, research papers and posters presentations. For further details, please visit

Posted on: [2013-06-01]