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Results of first undergraduate thesis poster presentation:

Results of first undergraduate thesis poster presentation

RankTitleStudent NameResearch AreaSupervisor
1Diversity Guided Unified Evolutionary Framework for MDPCVRPAbdus Salam Azad (0805030), Saikat Chakraborty (0805038)Evolutionary Algorithm/ Artificial IntelligenceDr. Md. Monirul Islam
2Group Processing of Simultaneous Shortest Path Queries in Road NetworksRadi Muhammad RezaAlgorithm/DatabaseMohammed Eunus Ali
2Group Trip Planning Queries in Road NetworkSamiha Samrose – 0805066, Mohammad Hafiz Uddin – 0805004, Md. Iftekhar Mahmud – 0805102Spatial DatabasesDr. Tanzima Hashem
4A Better Measurement of Topological Robustness of Scale-free Networks under Sustained Targeted Attacks and Random Failures using Bi-connected component0805108, 0805088Social Network AnalysisDr. Md. Saidur Rahman
4A Hybrid Approach for Protein Folding Problem Using Genetic Algorithm.Ahammed Ullah, Nasif Ahmed, Subrata Dey Pappu.Bio-informaticsProf. Dr. M. Sohel Rahman
6Delay Analysis for Multi-radio Cognitive Radio NetworksTanvir Ahmed Khan, 0805003Computer Networking.Dr. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam (Razi)
6Improving Android Device Security : A reputation based solutionMd. Iftekharul Islam (0805016), Asif Khairuzzaman (0805022)Android device securityDr. Md. Shohrab Hossain
8Retrieval of Named Content Collection in Named Data NetworkingMd. Kauser Ahmmed – 0805008, M Arif Imtiazur Rahman - 0805023NetworkingDr. Md Yusuf Sarwar Uddin
9User Interaction Based Community Detection in Online Social NetworksHimel Dev (0805021)Database, Data mining and Information SystemsDr. Mohammed Eunus Ali
10All Planar Graphs of 4 Vertices are Contact Cover Graph?Md. Taufique Hussain (0805050), Shohedul Hasan(0805060)GraphDr. Saidur Rahman
11k-Dense POI Search in Road NetworkShubrami Moutushy (0805082), Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat (0805107)Spatial DatabasesAbu Wasif
11Estimating Topology Size Of r-neighborhood Graph Structures For Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksNawshad Rehan Rasha-0805028, Sirat Samyoun-96, Imtiaz Ahmad-100NetworkingA.K.M. Ashikur Rahman
13Handwritten Writer Independent Bangla Character RecognitionMir Toornaw Islam(0805024), Khandokar Md. Nayem(0805052)Image processing,Pattern RecognitionDr. Md. Monirul Islam
13Bio-Metric Security Using ECGMd. Maksud Alam Chowdhury , Jahangir AlamBiometrcs / Computer Security / Signal Processing / Pattern RecognitionDr. Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam
13Minimal Parameter Clustering of Complex Shape Dataset with High Dimensional Dataset CompatibilityAhmed Al Muzaddid (0805053), K.M.A. Solaiman (0805116)Atificial Intelligence / Unsupervised learning / ClusteringDr. Md. Monirul Islam
16Antibacterial Drug Target Prediction and Identification Comparing Host(Human) and Bacterial proteinMd. Toufique Morshed, Nazmul Sahariar TomalBioinformaticsDr. Abu Wasif
17DhakaNet: Crowd-source Based Travel Time Prediction in Dhaka CityAnanta Ghosh, Arafat ImtiazSystems/ Mobile and Ubiquitous ComputingMohammed EunusAli
18Can hashtags bear the testimony of your personality?"Hasan Al MarufHCI/DataminingDr. Mohammad Eunis Ali
19Graceful Labeling of TreesMohd. MominAl Aziz, ForhadHossainGraphDr. M. Kaykobad,
20Altered Fingerprint MatchingMohammad Minhazul Haq (0805051), Md. Kamarul Kawnayeen (0805012), Mahdi Mashrur Ibne Matin (0805026)Image processingDr. Md. Monirul Islam (Assistant Professor)
20Visibility Color Map for a Moving Target in Spatial Databases0805001, 0805059Databases / Algorithms / VisualizationDr. Mohammad Eunis Ali

Posted on: [2014-02-09]